IMPORTANT NEWS: For our new bluesky feed to pick up and include your post, you MUST include the word "Token" when identifying which token you are submitting (Token 1 or Token 2). Kitty now uses the feed when choosing the tracks for her shortlist. If your track doesn't appear, she will not be able to see it.


The Jukebox runs each Saturday from 11am in the morning to 11pm in the evening UK time. Note the new running times.

Each week Kitty chooses EITHER keywords OR a topic. She'll let you know which.

If it's a keyword week (for example "toucan", the exact word she gives you ("toucan") MUST appear in the song title, the band name, or in the lyrics - no substitutions are accepted - but plurals ("toucans") are fine, as are different parts of a verb, if the keyword is a verb. In the case of "dance", for instance, "dances", "dancing" and "danced" are all fine.

If it's a topic week (for example "transport"), only then can you choose any word appropriate to that topic (for example "automobile").

You get TWO tokens for your personal use. Any genre of music is accepted. One token = one track. Use them wisely.


* Check what kind of week it is: do you need to stick to the keywords or has Kitty set a topic?

* Check the second part of the thread to make sure that the track you're posting hasn't already been added by somebody else. Remember to refresh the page before you do - bluesky isn't very good at self-refreshing.

* Now post your token as a reply but ONLY on the second part of the thread, the one where Kitty starts you off with her opening track. That way, everyone else will see it too and know that this track has already been chosen.

* The format to use: 

- State which token you're using, Token 1 or Token 2 (Token One and Token Two also work)

- State the name of the band

- State the song title

- Quote the relevant lyrics (if that's where the keyword is)

- Lastly add the video clip from YouTube (instructions below)

- Click "Add link card" and let the thumbnail form so we can see what we're clicking on

Here's a perfect example of how to set out a token from Norma Roberts; you can see how simple it is:


* DO add a greeting with your token. It cheers Michael and Kitty up no end.

* DO feel free to discuss with people the tracks they have added; it's one of the most unique and enjoyable aspects of the Jukebox. You might even want to reply to them with an entirely different song, which is fine...as long as you START your post off with "NOT A TOKEN" in capitals.

* DO add "For Al" if you feel it is a song our dear friend Alasdair would have enjoyed.


* DON'T post personal "NOT A TOKEN" replies to Michael or Kitty. It just feels like a way to sneak in extra tokens.

* DON'T replace keywords with emojis. Kitty doesn't read emoji. Nor do I.

* DON'T add a photo to your post. It prevents the YouTube link from forming.


* DON'T post your tokens as a reply to somebody else's - or as a reply to your first...or a reply to a comment I make. Post it as a separate NEW reply on the second part of the thread.

* DO take care that you are actually replying rather than simply posting your tokens as posts on your own timeline.

* DON'T post your tokens as quote-posts. No one else will see them but me, so it's pointless.


Somewhere in the dark backstreets of the big city, Kitty runs a small, surprisingly successful bar popular for its Jukebox with people in the know. At least that's the story she'll tell you.

In reality the Mystery Jukebox is a friendly music sharing community unlike any other. How does it differ? We actually look at and listen to the tracks others post. Think of sitting in a pub on a Saturday with a few mates and a bunch of people you recognize by sight...with a jukebox playing our selections in the background.

The Jukebox has grown organically over the years, due in part to a set of rules I set up at the very beginning to ensure that everyone has a chance to contribute, that each week will bring a new unique experience, and that the Jukebox can go on running indefinitely.

At this very moment the Jukebox is going through a massive transformation thanks to members of our community. Snowfloe.bsky.social has created a feed for us (Mystery Jukebox 4.0), which you will find on her profile page listed under "Feeds". You can save it or even pin it as one of your primary feeds.

This will go some way to allow Kitty's List (the playlist she chooses from all the tracks you add) to become more focused. At Mickle Quaintrelle's suggestion, she'll now choose only nine tracks per week: 3 that represent classic responses, 3 that she picks at random, and 3 of her own personal favourites.

As this is all very new, there are bound to be mistakes and tweaks over the coming weeks. Please bear with us.


Go to YouTube and click on the magnifying glass icon to start a search.

Type in the band name or track you were thinking of.

YouTube probably has a selection of clips to choose from. Find the one you really like and click on the "Share" button.

A screen like this will appear. Click on "Copy link". Your clipboard will copy it automatically. Then all you have to do is paste it into your reply.

Remember to click the "Add link card" and allow the thumbnail to form.

See more about link cards here.

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