Meet Ray Alexander.

He's the reason this website which Malane and I started nine years ago is still up and running. Not only did he help us set our new one up, he's hosting it for us free of charge. How generous is that!!! It's also exactly the kind of thing he talks about in his motivational tweets.

He's also an international man of mystery...something he only occasionally alludes to in his tweets (and I'm sad that he hasn't mentioned it here).

Thank you Ray, star that you are!

XXX Michael

Ray writes:

I love checking Michael's daily updates on Twitter - quizzes, the Saturday Mystery Juke Box and Sunday's Grammar Central. I work from home, and our dog Victor never leaves me alone. The first 1/2 of my day can be meaninglessly chaotic. When Victor finally starts to get tired late in the afternoon, instead of doing Yoga, I log on to Twitter to relax.

I have been an accountant for 20+ years, and have also worked part-time as a web designer in the past. I started my own e-commerce and marketing business in 2015, then the following year, I decided to retire from accountancy to solely focus on working online. 

I was running several different business models at the beginning of my new venture, but now I’m just focusing on running one site cybercashworldwide.com - it’s a site that helps beginners set up their own work-from-home business. All the others have been either sold or scrapped - selling web traffic (profitable but too busy), running a web store (too much hassle) as well as a niche affiliate blog site (not so profitable!)

My Twitter account was initially 100% business use, along with other social media accounts - Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram…. Because that’s what I and all other fellow marketers did at the time. It’s been 7 years since, and a lot has changed - the others that I know have either quit or moved on to YouTube marketing. 

So I no longer spend as much time on social media as I used to, either. “Motivational quote” posts which were once popular on Instagram, and some new blog updates via an auto-scheduler. Otherwise, I just enjoy connecting with some FTFs (fabulous Twitter friends).

I’m a recovering alcoholic - battled all my adult life and I’ve been sober for the past 10+ years. I’ve been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (AS) only in the past few years. There's nothing to hide, and I have no problem telling everyone that. But illness-related posts and direct messages I receive tend to be pretty negative, so I don’t promote alcoholism or AS-related issues on social media. I'm just who I am, and I'm happy to be the way I am. I’m proud to be gay, have been living in Hammersmith with my husband happily since 2007. With Victor and a 20-year-old cat (he won’t be around long!)

Other Fabulous Friends:

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