Track 1

Let's start off with a happy tune, Days Like These...even if it does go on way, WAY too long. Though you'll hear everything it has to offer within the first three minutes, anyone who stays the course may notice my trademark: musically the arrangement falls apart – to the point that it can hardly support the melody – before coming back stronger than ever. You'll encounter this again and again in the coming tracks.

The truth is I'm a much better writer than I ever was a musician. Have you read Gooseberry? Is it something you might enjoy?

1852. With the business of the Moonstone diamond finally laid to rest, Mr Franklin Blake and his wife Rachel are now happily married, living in London, and blessed with a healthy baby daughter named Julia.

But then the inexplicable occurs. Miss Rachel and her elderly aunt are attacked in the street by a gang of feral children, whose only purpose, it seems, is to plant a photographic portrait of a young, rich Indian lad in the old lady’s handbag.

Enter the Blakes’ lawyer’s office boy, Octavius Guy—better known as Gooseberry—who once helped the family bring the mystery of the Moonstone to a close. Join Gooseberry, the fourteen-year-old boy detective, as he and his ragtag bunch of friends descend into London’s Victorian demi-monde and underworld to ferret out the truth, while spending as much as they can of his employer’s money along the way!

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