Track 3

This is one I worked on on Friday afternoons, while waiting for my mate Gary to turn up. I can't imagine anyone else but me writing that solo line that eventually kicks in.

If you feel it sounds vaguely familiar, I used it a couple of years back for a New Year's Day video greeting on Twitter.

The truth is I'm a much better writer than I ever was a musician. Have you read Big Bona Ogles Boy? Is it something you might enjoy?

Christmas is coming, and yet surely Mr Crabbit—yes, he who rules over the petty cash at Mr Bruff’s law practice—cannot be so distracted by its approach that he fails to berate Gooseberry for presenting him with a water-stained receipt. Something is clearly amiss, and the Victorian boy detective vows to find out what.

Join Octavius and his ragtag bunch of friends as they investigate a shadowy spiritualist medium recently arrived from Boston, Massachusetts, only to discover that somebody desperately wants her dead.

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