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July 7th 2024

Welcome to my weekly diary charting the ups and downs of turning my Victorian whodunnit, Octopus: Octavius Guy & The Case of the Throttled Tragedienne, into a podcast. I'm its author, Michael Gallagher. Beric Livingstone is its narrator.

Where Beric is at:

No word from Beric this week, but that was to be expected.

From Chapter 9, we meet Walter for the very first time.

"Some people call me Walter, sir..."
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Where I am at:

I've been refining the cover art. I've finalized the subtitle set-out (at least I think I have) and pasted in the orange roses. I beefed up the details mid-tones and highlights on the middle woman and the one on the right so they're both a little clearer, and I added a subtle effect to the flowers – as well as balancing the saturation of the various bunches across the the image.

I'm very happy with the results, but for now I just need to live with it for a few weeks to see how it ages. It's been a long journey.

Till next time folks!

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