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June 18th 2024

Welcome to my weekly diary charting the ups and downs of turning my Victorian whodunnit, Octopus: Octavius Guy & The Case of the Throttled Tragedienne, into a podcast. I'm its author, Michael Gallagher. Beric Livingstone is its narrator.

Where Beric is at:

No word from Beric this week, which is fine.

From Chapter 8 again, Gooseberry chats a little more with Mrs Potts, Isabella Prynn's landlady.

"Do I look like the kind of woman...? "
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Where I am at:

I've finally managed to put together my detailed notes on chapters 6 - 9, which I have finally sent to Beric, along with the three test covers from last week to see which one he prefers. It's not worth doing any further work on the cover art before I get his response, though if I get a chance I may start playing around with a block of shadow to highlight the lower portion of the text. We'll see.

Till next week, folks!

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