Track 4

This is the earliest recording of the lot, and it *really* shows its age. I still have a soft spot for it though! By now you are probably beginning to see a recurring theme with my song titles. How, as a novelist, can I have come up with the most obvious, mundane titles going?

I think this may be the first track in this collection to use brass arrangements...another trademark of mine. I grew up hearing a lot of Herb Alpert (my mother's favourite), but the vibe here is far more Miles Davis's Sketches of Spain.

The truth is I'm a much better writer than I ever was a musician. Have you read Oh No Octavius? Is it something you might enjoy?

The well-heeled residents of Highbury have a problem: the Reverend Allaston Burr, the rector who’s been foisted upon their congregation by an ancient yet legally-binding right known as an advowson. When a final appeal to Queen Victoria—as the head of the Church of England—fails to remove him from his post, they turn to Gooseberry for help.

Join fifteen-year-old Octavius and his ragtag bunch of friends as they investigate the detested cleric, only to discover that someone has a far more permanent form of removal in mind.

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