Track 5

Here I finally earn my stripes as a proper, fully paid-up techno-punkster. Cha Cha is shy!

I wanted a pounding kick drum for this one, and spent days tinkering about in order to create something distinctive. I came up with this, a loop that starts perfectly cleanly, then begins to phase over a period of four bars. Perfection, even if you can only hear it with headphones!

The truth is I'm a much better writer than I ever was a musician. Have you read The Bridge of Dead Things? Is it something you might enjoy?

Murky Victorian London. Thirteen-year-old Lizzie Blaylock has done her best to fill her absconding mother’s shoes, but her father is lazy and feckless, and her little sister is riddled with tuberculosis. When Lizzie has a fit at school, for which she is expelled, she and those around her slowly begin to realize that she may have special powers…powers to communicate with the dead.

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