Michael Gallagher is the author of two series of Victorian novels, one about a psychic, the other about a reformed thief.

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Michael Gallagher

This month marks an important anniversary for me. My new website has now been up and running for one whole year. And what changes it has seen! The introduction of Gallagher's Cook It or Wot!, Muzak for Rarely Used Lifts (where I finally got to share with you some of the tracks I've made over the years), this Home page that is updated weekly, and, of course, Kitty's list each Sunday morning...with its new playable Jukebox-style playlists.

One of the most important objectives to me when building this site was to make it a place where our Twitter circle can discover more about each other than the Twitter format allows, and to that end Fabulous Friends and The Mystery Jukebox have worked a treat. I eagerly look forward to the coming year and I wish you all the best.

Featured book of the week:

The well-heeled residents of Highbury have a problem: the Reverend Allaston Burr, the rector who’s been foisted upon their congregation by an ancient yet legally-binding right known as an advowson. When a final appeal to Queen Victoria—as the head of the Church of England—fails to remove him from his post, they turn to Gooseberry for help.

"Oh, No, Octavius is a great mystery read and I highly recommend it. Set in Victorian London, its narrator is a 15 year old reformed pickpocket and now an investigator of missing cats, persons, and treasures...A more delightful and colorful set of characters is hard to find and you will enjoy Octavius's struggles with school, encountering a dreadful bully and attempting to conjugate Latin imperfect subjunctive verbs...The story unfolds in unexpected ways and Michael Gallagher will have you guessing the truth until the very last page."

Dee50, LibraryThing Early Reviewer

Click here to download it for FREE!

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Featured tweet of the week:

As Fabulous Friends takes a three-month break in order to regroup and regather, I'd like to welcome back Ray Alexander, the very first Fab Friend from when this website first went online twelve moths ago.

When my old website was about disappear forever, Ray stepped in to host a new one through his own account for me...and for FREE. You really don't get much more fabulous than that!


Twitter friends will know just how popular and enjoyable Saturday's Mystery Jukebox can be. Kitty starts you off with a track along a particular topic and then runs the Jukebox with a paw of iron as people add to the playlist. See Kitty's list of rules and conventions here. Newsflash! Now there's an actual Jukebox!

Each week Kitty will save her second token for use on the website, just before shutting the bar and pulling the plug on the Jukebox. If anyone guesses her chosen track, they will feature in her spot! You too could snuggle into an unsuitably small cardboard box!

This week was particularly difficult because Twitter kept breaking, some perfectly posted replies disappeared, and a logistical issue between the the main Jukebox and What Would Al Add? meant some people's tokens got ignored. I apologise profusely. Kitty was looking for the keywords "storm", "devil", and "sin". She started you off with this:

These were her top picks:

from Doug Peterson @dougsnews

from John Wilkinson @JohnWilkinson2

from Mark Rogers @Buck_Rogers23

from Michael Schettler @TypicalMob

from Janice Hyatt @17guinness

from Dooklielu @dookieloopyloo

from Paul Emanuelli @UnpubWrites

from Robert Turner @BobTurnTray

from Jill @ScottishJill

from Michelle @Michell24423236

from Joan Wilson @Moomum64

from Jan Townsend @townsendtowers

from Sir George @RetiredBroker

from Michael Judd @kookaburra1966

from Ian @MoggsyG

from Cal Young @annap442

from Bearzus @bearzus

from missixti @missixti

from Melba Unicorn @melbaunicorn

from Paula @dozeebird

from MickleQuaintrelle @MickleQuaintre1

from Stan Pitt-Marsh @StanPitt

from Wagane @andyhards

from buzzbead @buzzbead

This week's What Would Al Choose?

from Cal Young @annap442

Kitty's top pick of the week:

from nerdbird @nerdbirdno1

Kitty's second token to close this Jukebox:

Paradise Circus

Luther: The Fallen Sun Version


Kitty's Jukebox playlist:

Listen to it here:


Remember, all my novels are still FREE to download from Draft2Digital (formerly known as Smashwords until its recent merger).

Take at look at what readers say about them. Here on the website you even get to see the video in its entirety!

Summer from Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons
Featuring John Harrison on violin
with Robert Turizziani conducting the Wichita State University Chamber Players

Sound recording © John Harrison, JohnHarrisonViolin.com
Edited version used under a CC-BY-SA 1.0 Generic licence

John Thomson’s images from “Street Life in London” (1876-77)
courtesy of the London School of Economics Digital Library
Used under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 licence

His book is available as a free pdf download from the London School of Economics Digital Library. Just click on the link.

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