Michael Gallagher is the author of two series of Victorian novels, one about a psychic, the other about a reformed thief.

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Michael Gallagher

October is here, and with it comes a brand new format for my home page. I hope you like it!

Featured book of the week:

"Octavius and George are such solid and likeable characters that I found it easy to imagine them as I read, hearing their banter in my head, and enjoying the different aspects of their relationships with each other...Village mysteries with lots of interesting characters who all have a motive are always a favourite of mine, and the excellent historical research (and notes at the end) makes it perfect for anyone who, like me, is also a history buff who loves a glimpse into how people lived in the past. This series just gets better and better."

Suzy SchettlerGoodreads Reviewer

Click here to download it for FREE!

Featured recipe of the week:
Featured track of the week:
October's Fabulous Friend

At age 11, this month's Fabulous Friend created Superdog, who bears a remarkable resemblance to the Bronski Beat version of his current dog, George. He is of course Mark Rogers, who is now a mesmerising writer in his own right.

When I ask someone to write a piece for Fabulous Friends, I give them free rein as regards the subject matter. I have no idea what they will produce. This month Mark has pulled out all the stops for us.

Kitty's Mystery Jukebox

Twitter friends will know just how popular and enjoyable Saturday's Mystery Jukebox can be. Kitty starts you off with a track along a particular topic and then runs the Jukebox with an paw of iron as people add to the playlist.

Each week Kitty will save her second token for use on the website, just before shutting the bar and pulling the plug. If anyone guesses her chosen track, they will feature in her spot! You too could snuggle into an unsuitably small cardboard box!

This week Kitty was looking for the keywords "house" and "home". She has extended her list to reflect the number of tokens you used...approaching 50 - the  best response yet! These were her top picks:

initially from Norma Roberts @westerby1

and then Robert Turner @BobTurnTray

initially from Jo Welch @buzzbead

and then Doug Peterson @dougpete

from Al Muckersie @almuckersie

from buzzbead @buzzbead

from Janice Hyatt @17guinness

from Liz Stevens @lizziekillin

from Dookielu @dookieloopyloo

from Jill @ScottishJill

from Michael Judd @kookaburra1966

from Mark Rogers @Buck_Rogers23

from Hazel @Hazel_Pow

from Paula @dozeebird

from Bearzus @bearzus

from Sir George @RetiredBroker

from Ian @MoggsyG

from missixti @missixti

from Sarah Murray @MrsSarahMurray

from Hallie@KCS @halliekcs

from nerdbird @nerdbirdno1

from Melba Unicorn @melbaunicorn

from Aidan @ablokewotwrites

And Kitty's top pick of the week:

from Rob Klippel @robklippel

Kitty closes this session with her second token:

The Republic (feat. Sarah Jane Morris):

My Spies


And Finally...

Remember, all my novels are still FREE to download from Draft2Digital (formerly known as Smashwords until its recent merger).

Take at look at what readers say about them. Here on the website you even get to see the video in its entirety.

Summer from Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons
Featuring John Harrison on violin
with Robert Turizziani conducting the Wichita State University Chamber Players

Sound recording © John Harrison, JohnHarrisonViolin.com
Edited version used under a CC-BY-SA 1.0 Generic licence

John Thomson’s images from “Street Life in London” (1876-77)
courtesy of the London School of Economics Digital Library
Used under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 licence

His book is available as a free pdf download from the London School of Economics Digital Library. Just click on the link.

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