Michael Gallagher is the author of two series of Victorian novels, one about a psychic, the other about a reformed thief.

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Michael Gallagher
Featured book of the week:

Murky Victorian London. When Lizzie has a fit at school, for which she is expelled, she and those around her slowly begin to realize that she may have special powers…powers to communicate with the dead.

"This book is intriguing, mesmerising and totally enthralling; full of mystery, excitement, wit and poignancy in equal measure; packed with wonderful characters and dialogue, as ever, in an authentic Victorian setting.

As with all his books, I could easily see this remarkable tale being adapted for a television audience.

A thoroughly entertaining and satisfying read."

Alasdair Muckersie, Smashwords Reviewer

Click here to download it for FREE!

Featured article of the week:
A brief look at some of the diamonds that inspired part of the storyline
Featured recipe of the week:
And a few you might have missed:
Featured track of the week:
One of my old tracks I've been threatening to share
Tuesday Chess:
99% of Chess Players Make This Mistake

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This month's Fabulous Friend isn't on bluesky, nor was she ever on Twitter. Her name is Lara Thomson, who some of you may recognize as the proofreader and co-editor who worked tirelessly on all six of my novels. Here she talks about the joys of getting older.

If anyone's new here, the Fabulous Friends articles provide a great way to get to know some of the key members of our bluesky circle. Go on! I know you want to give it a read! This month's Fabulous Friend.


Saturday's Mystery Jukebox 4.0 has relaunched successfully on bluesky. Kitty starts you off with a track and either a particular keyword or particular topic and then runs the Jukebox with a paw of iron as people add to the playlist. See Kitty's list of rules and conventions here.

Each week Kitty will save her second token till the very end, just before shutting the bar and pulling the plug on the Jukebox. If anyone guesses her chosen track, they will feature in her spot! Yes, friend! You too could snuggle into an unsuitably small cardboard box!

Kitty spins her nine choices from this week's Jukebox

Remember, all my novels are still FREE to download from Draft2Digital (formerly known as Smashwords until its recent merger).

Take at look at what readers say about them. Here on the website you even get to see the video in its entirety!

Summer from Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons
Featuring John Harrison on violin
with Robert Turizziani conducting the Wichita State University Chamber Players

Sound recording © John Harrison, JohnHarrisonViolin.com
Edited version used under a CC-BY-SA 1.0 Generic licence

John Thomson’s images from “Street Life in London” (1876-77)
courtesy of the London School of Economics Digital Library
Used under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 licence

His book is available as a free pdf download from the London School of Economics Digital Library. Just click on the link.

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