Kitty's Jukebox Playlists

December 2nd 2023

Keywords: blue, sky

October 21st 2023

Keywords: goodbye

October 7th 2023

Topic: Neil Diamond songs

September 30th 2023

Topic: music from TV and films

September 23rd 2023

Keywords: blood, bloody, bleed, bleeding

September 16th 2023

Topic: Elements from the Periodic Table

September 9th 2023

Keywords: sister/s, brother/s

September 2nd 2023

Keyword: you

August 26th 2023

Keywords: smoke, cigarettes, ash, ashtray

August 19th 2023

Keywords: car, automobile

August 12th 2023

Keyword: sound

August 5th 2023

Topic: clothing and accessories

July 29th 2023

Topic: periods of time

July 22nd 2023

Topic: people's names

July 15th 2023

Topic: types of human movement

July 8th 2023

Topic: types of weather

July 1st 2023

Topic: all the colours of the rainbow

June 24th 2023

Keywords: up, down

June 17th 2023

Keywords: prayer, pray, praise

June 10th 2023

Topic: all things medical

June 3rd 2023

Topic: numbers

May 27th 2023

Keywords: sleep and dream

May 20th 2023

Keyword: baby

May 13th 2023

Keyword: heart

May 6th 2023

Keywords to do with Charles's coronation

April 15th 2023

Keyword: dance

April 8th 2023

Keyword: crazy

April 1st 2023

Keyword: kisses

March 25th 2023

Topic: times of the day

March 18th 2023

Keywords: storm, sin, devil

March 11th 2023

Keyword: love

March 4th 2023

Keyword: time

February 25th 2023

Topic: anything containing the term "sun"

January 21st 2023

Our tribute our friend Al Muckersie

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