Twitter friends will know just how popular and enjoyable Saturday's Mystery Jukebox can be. Kitty starts you off with a track along a particular topic and then runs the Jukebox with a paw of iron as people add to the playlist. See Kitty's list of rules and conventions here. Newsflash! Now there's an actual Jukebox - and a record of prior Jukeboxes, including our tribute to Al!

Each week Kitty will save her second token for use on the website, just before shutting the bar and pulling the plug on the Jukebox. If anyone guesses her chosen track, they will feature in her spot! You too could snuggle into an unsuitably small cardboard box!

This week Kitty was looking for the topic "Elements from the Periodic Table". She started you off with this:

These were her top picks:

from Sir George @RetiredBroker

from Janice Hyatt @17guinness

from Hallie@KCS @halliekcs

from Hanan @Lucid_Architect

from Hazel Brown @TheHazelBrown

from Paula @dozeebird

from Jo Welch @Jowelch14

from Michael Judd @kookaburra1966

from Wagane @andyhards

from Balaio da Ro @ro_clio

from Stan Pitt-Marsh @StanPitt

from Paul Emanuelli @UnpubWrites

from oddlings @oddlings

from MickleQuaintrelle @MickleQuaintre1

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