The Mystery Jukebox is a friendly music sharing community unlike any other on Twitter. How does it differ? We actually listen to the tracks others post. Think of sitting in a pub on a Saturday with some mates and a bunch of people you recognize by sight...with a jukebox playing our selections in the background.

The Jukebox has grown organically over the years, in part due to a set of rules I set up at the very beginning to ensure that everyone has a chance to contribute, that each week will bring a new unique experience, and that the Jukebox can go on running indefinitely. Recently these rules have caused problems, hence this latest revision. If you want to be found on Kitty's playlist, please adhere to them.


The Jukebox runs each Saturday from 1pm in the afternoon to 1am in the morning UK time.

Each week Kitty chooses EITHER keywords OR a topic. If it's a keyword week (for example "car", the exact word she gives you ("car") MUST appear in the song title, the band name, or the lyrics - no substitutions are accepted. If it's a topic week (for example "transport"), only then can you choose a word appropriate to the topic (for example "Volvo").

You get TWO tokens for your personal use and a third one to use on "What would Al choose?". Use them wisely.


* Check what kind of week it is: do you need to stick to the keywords or has Kitty set a topic?

* Check that the track you're posting hasn't already been added by somebody else.

* Decide where your token should go. A personal token goes on the second part of the thread, where Kitty starts you off with her opening track. A token for "What would Al choose?" goes on the third part in the thread (the one with pic of Al).

* The format to use: state the token you're using, the name of the band, the song title, then quote the relevant lyrics (if that's where the keyword is). Lastly add the video from YouTube (instructions below). Here's a perfect example of how to set it out from Norma Roberts:


* DO add a greeting with your token. It cheers Michael and Kitty up no end.

* DO feel free to discuss with people the tracks they have added; it's one of the most unique and enjoyable aspects to the Jukebox. You might even want to reply to them with an entirely different song, which is fine...as long as you START your tweet off with "NOT A TOKEN" in capitals.


* DON'T post personal "NOT A TOKEN" replies to Michael or Kitty on the second thread. It makes it very unclear which songs have already been chosen if you are quickly skimming through it. Post them instead on the first part of the thread, under Kitty's photo.

* DON'T replace keywords with emojis. Kitty doesn't read emoji. Nor do I.

* DON'T add a photo to your post. It prevents the YouTube link from forming.


* DON'T post your second token as a reply to your first...or as a reply to a comment I make. Post it as a separate NEW reply on the thread.

* DO take care that you are actually replying (and on the right part of the thread) rather than simply posting your tokens as tweets on your own timeline.


Go to YouTube and click on the magnifying glass icon to start a search.

Type in the band name or track you were thinking of.

YouTube probably has a selection of clips to choose from. Find the one you really like and click on the "Share" button.

A screen like this will appear. Click on "Copy link". Your clipboard will copy it automatically. Then all you have to do is paste it into your reply.

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