Name THAT Loaf


Name THAT Loaf

THAT loaf is based on a Grant loaf, the classic no-knead loaf named after its Scots-born creator, Doris Margaret Louise Grant, who accidentally discovered that wholemeal bread made without kneading tastes vastly superior to any of its kneaded counterparts.

THAT loaf differs from Grant’s recipe in that it’s made from a 24-hour “sponge” that gives it its extraordinary depth of flavour. It’s also a wetter mix than the traditional Grant loaf, which is what creates that open-textured “crumb”, verging on a ciabatta.

The recipe for THAT loaf is included in a small collection of recipes as part of the back-matter of Octopus—the second Send for Octavius Guy title featuring Gooseberry, my fourteen-year-old Victorian boy detective and former pickpocket.

The thing is, it needs a name, and this is where you come in. If you’d like to put forward a name, all you have to do is click on the comment button for the “Name THAT Loaf” post on my Facebook page and leave your suggestion. It might be something that somehow describes the bread. Or something Victorian or detective-related, perhaps? It could even be the name of a favourite pet, come to that! Think outside the box, for I’ll eventually choose the one that most tickles my fancy! Why not post a photo of your loaf with your suggestion? No prizes, but the loaf will be renamed with the winning title and its author credited in an updated future edition. Good luck!