The Scarab Heart

'Powers like yours expect to be used! Who knows what will happen if you choose to ignore them?'

Egypt, 1885. Theft and murder are afoot at an archaeological dig in the Valley of the Kings. Lizzie Blaylock, a young materializing medium of some renown, and her mentor, Miss Otis, thought they were there to vacation, especially as Lizzie has decided she wants nothing more to do with her powers. Her powers, however, have other things in mind.

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Praise for
The Scarab Heart:

5 of 5 starsThe mysterious goings on and the cast of brilliantly drawn characters with interesting agendas is beautifully written and reminiscent of Agatha Christie. But the clever part is the way author Michael Gallagher weaves in the sub-plot - the story of a real ancient Egyptian princess.
Anita Dow, Goodreads Reviewer

5 of 5 starsAs much as I loved The Bridge of Dead Things ~ I adored The Scarab Heart! These books are marvelous, really and truly something special!
—Paula Fetty-King, Goodreads Reviewer

5 of 5 starsThis is a fantastic book! Beautifully written, brilliantly conceived, utterly enthralling, exciting and moving. Two stories, millenia apart, combine to make one exceptional book. Read it!
Alasdair Muckersie, Goodreads Reviewer

5 of 5 starsI loved this book. I read the first one over the weekend and the Scarab Heart today. It was great. I cried and laughed. Michael is my new favorite in historical mystery.
Brittney L. Divine author, Smashwords Reviewer

5 of 5 starsA great pleasure to read. I never thought I would enjoy historical mysteries until I got my hands on this book! Deserving of more than 5 stars, in my humble opinion!
A. L. Faulkenberry (@A_L_F_Writes), Smashwords Reviewer

5 of 5 starsThe art of story-telling is definitely something this author excels at!
K. E. Warner, Goodreads Reviewer

5 of 5 stars...The author did his homework, I'm a bit of a Victorian buff and reenactor, and the details, dialog, and characters are all appropriate to the period...My initial interest was...[as] designated "pre-reader" for my 8 grandchildren, this book has plenty of depth and complexity to keep the adults interested as well. The action flows smoothly, the plot develops nicely, and all the loose ends are tied up in the end as they should be in a well written whodunnit.
—Emilious Tarr, Smashwords Reviewer

5 of 5 starsHow Lizzie gets herself in, and out, of encounters with the far past and the present, is a captivating escape from everyday life. The imagery is fabulous, the characters are likeable, and the story is believably enthralling.
—Nightwing, Goodreads Reviewer

5 of 5 starsIf you like a little bit of Victorian social history, ghostly happenings and tales from Ancient Egypt you are in for a real treat.
Sausage, Amazon UK Reviewer

5 of 5 starsI have got to say, these books are unlike any other I have read...almost impossible to put down.
—Helene Gårdsvold, Reviewer

4 of 5 starsWow...I don't know what I was expecting, but not that...Scarab Heart totally sucked me in. It was fast paced and very fun to read.
—Kelly, LibraryThing Early Reviewer

4 of 5 starsHaving read a lot of mysteries, I pride myself on being quick to know the guilty party. I will say that I had a brief idea, but was still taken by surprise with the reveal...Overall, a really nice read. I look forward to reading more about Lizzie.
—Sherri S, LibraryThing Early Reviewer

4 of 5 starsI thoroughly enjoyed this book! The combination of Lizzie (a bridge to souls) and the Egyptian dig, and the Queen of Egypt manifestation through Lizzie’s dreams, was totally cohesive and enjoyable. Throw in the murder & theft of artefacts…and my attention was taken. It's a light read, but very enjoyable…I will go back and read the first one, and the one to come.
—M M Plante, LibraryThing Early Reviewer

4 of 5 stars…the mythical portion of the book [is] absolutely captivating, so I guess I'd be sold even if I was not biased right from the start…It's as if Gallagher was deliberately dangling one 'mystery' that screamed loudly in our face so that we won't see the other one coming.
—sinxnite, [Profile now deleted] LibraryThing Early Reviewer

4 of 5 starsThis is a great vacation read. It has a thought out plot and twists to keep it interesting. It was a quick read for me but kept my interest. I look forward to reading more.
—bella55075, LibraryThing Early Reviewer

4 of 5 stars...I did enjoy the book and especially thought Lizzie's talent as a ghost bridge is a super neat twist on the usual psychic/medium. The mystery was more than what I expected-not your average tomb raiders plot and was very neatly wrapped up with all clues accounted for and the culprits apprehended. I do look forward to reading more from Michael Gallagher.
—Chris Keen, LibraryThing Early Reviewer

4 of 5 starsI did find myself drawn to the story and not wanting to put the book down…I do not often read for pleasure, but I would definitely recommend this book as I did enjoy it very much.
—Michen, LibraryThing Early Reviewer

4 of 5 starsAn interesting mix of the Victorian Era and Egyptology. Definitely gave a different perspective on all those archeology digs! The mystery was a bonus for me.
—NitaneeLyon, LibraryThing Early Reviewer

4 of 5 starsThe book kept me guessing as to the thief and killer right to the end. Lots of twists, turns and suspense! I would definitely read more in this series.
—Suzy Schettler, LibraryThing Early Reviewer

4 of 5 starsIt kept me guessing till the end, which I suppose is the hallmark of a good mystery.
—labrat35, LibraryThing Early Reviewer

3 of 5 starsI especially enjoyed how Gallagher used Egyptian history and mythology to suit the needs of his plot. I’m no scholar on ancient Egypt, but I knew enough going in that I was very impressed.
—Robb Flynn,, LibraryThing Early Reviewer

3 of 5 stars...I'd have devoured the series in grades 6 & up...
—L Kamsin, LibraryThing Early Reviewer