Reading Group Discussion Guide: The Scarab Heart

Reading Circle

As a teacher—as well as a 12-year veteran of various reading groups—I find the quickest way to kill a productive conversation about any book is to introduce the kind of questions that only belong in an exam.

The best questions to ask are always open ones. What did you think of this book? Which characters were you able to relate to? Which parts gripped you and which parts didn’t? You might also want to comment on the story’s pace, the language used, the climax and what comes after it—the dénouement. As The Scarab Heart contains two intertwining stories, bear in mind that it has two climaxes and two dénouements.

That said, here are a few suggestions you may like to consider when discussing this book:

Do email me to let me know how your group gets on with it. I’d be fascinated to hear!

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