Meet the Author: October 2016

My last day at Bede

My last day at Bede
The Bede Centre@BedeActivities

A bodhrán (pronounced bour-on) is one of those circular Irish hand drums, and I am in urgent need of someone who can play one, record themselves, and send me the file. Octavius Guy and the Case of the Mendacious Medium (AKA Big Bona Ogles, Boy!) ends with a wedding reception in Camden in the January of 1853, and I should very much like to be able to provide my readers with the actual music that’s playing in the background—the traditional Irish ballad, She Moved Through the Fair. She Moved Through the Fair is generally played quite slowly, but in this case it’s to be a waltz that people can dance to. Ideally I’d like to insert it as a sound file into the book itself (which for technical reasons is only potentially possible on Kindle), but if I can’t manage that, I’d like to use it in a video trailer for the series, which I can certainly put up on this website. If you can help, or you know someone who can, please get in touch with me (or have them get in touch) by sending me an email.

As I reported last month, I am retiring from Bede, a community charity where I taught adults with learning disabilities for the past twenty-five years. For my send-off they threw me a barbecue—a rather risky plan in the UK in September, when the autumn is inevitably drawing in. In the event it turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year, and everybody had a fabulous time of it. A huge thank you to everybody who had a hand in it, especially to MJ and Mark who slaved tirelessly over the grill.

I’m now entering the scariest phase of producing a novel; this month I need to submit it to LibraryThing Early Reviewers for inclusion in their next month’s list. The thing is, I have yet to finish the first draft. It’s a terrifying thought that I now have less than two months in which to finish, edit, and polish the book, get it proof-read, and alert my readers to its forthcoming publication. Wish me luck! I suspect I’ll need it.

I can now reveal that on November 1st 1852 Octavius Guy—variously known as Gooseberry and Octopus—started keeping a daily diary, the results of which will be published some one hundred and sixty-four years later to the day on Twitter. Follow his trials and tribulations as Mr Bruff’s Chief (and only) Investigator in the lead up to his next big case—Octavius Guy and the Case of the Mendacious Medium—at @sendforOctavius.

The Scarab Heart

Finally, as a small token of my thanks for taking the trouble to find this page, I’d like to offer you a 50% discount off the list price of The Scarab Heart (The Involuntary Medium #2). Purchase it at and, when it comes time to pay, use coupon code: REW75. This offer is available until November 15th, 2016.

Happy reading!
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