** Meet the Author Michael Gallagher: March 2015

Meet the Author: March 2015

Gooseberry becomes part of digital publishing history

Gooseberry becomes part of digital publishing history

It’s March, and I’ve just had some exciting news. Gooseberry is to appear in a promotion by the British Library’s digital arm to persuade small digital publishers—such as myself—just how easy it is to upload their titles using their portal.

Although digital publications have been around for quite some time, it often takes governments a while to recognize a new technology, to work out how they ought to deal with it (a minefield of a question, and one which they surely pray they will not get wrong), and to find the necessary funding to implement their proposals. In Britain in 2013, a law came into effect requiring digital publishers to fall in line with traditional publishers in offering a copy of any newly-published title to the British Library’s legal deposit. Thus the portal, the interface between us, the publishers, and them, the British Library, was born.

This was a defining moment for indie digital publishers; we finally had equal rights with the giants. On a personal level, I was proud to be included in the first intake, and I am thrilled to be represented—both as an author and a publisher—in the portal’s new promotion. I wish them the very best.

Why the Victorians Saw Ghosts

This month’s article from Why the Victorians Saw Ghosts – An Illustrated Guide to 19th Century Spiritualism is all about spirit photography, where unscrupulous photographers passed off double exposures on a gullible public as genuine shots of spirits. Why the Victorians Saw Ghosts normally retails for US$2.99 in most online stores, but you can still download it for free from Smashwords.com. When it comes time to pay, just use coupon code: TD22X. A technical word of warning: go for the ePub version if it happens to be a format you can use; for reasons beyond my control it is vastly superior to the MOBI.

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