Meet the Author: August 2014

An early 1990s selfie

An early 1990s selfie of the author with his glamorous Italian friend Danielle Nugnez

Gooseberry prototype cover

Welcome! It’s August, the weather’s great, and Gooseberry, my novel written on the hoof, is coming along at a cracking pace. Gooseberry himself, a fourteen-year-old, bug-eyed detective and former pickpocket, who first appeared in Wilkie Collins’s The Moonstone, is shaping up to be a wonderfully comic character. Over the summer, I’ll be writing and publishing one chapter a week. Today, which is August 1st, I’m posting the fifth chapter, so—if you’re new to it—it’s really not too late to catch up. I even have a blog, Writing Gooseberry, which I set up to record my thoughts and feelings throughout the process, so you’ll be able to follow my own trials and tribulations as I write. Gooseberry can be found serialized on my author blog at Goodreads every Friday.

Why the Victorians Saw Ghosts

This month we’re starting to publish Why the Victorians Saw Ghosts here on the website, with an article that traces the beginnings of spiritualism back to the Fox sisters. Never fear, you can still download Why the Victorians Saw Ghosts – An Illustrated Guide to 19th Century Spiritualism, which retails for US$2.99 in most online stores, for free from You set the price, so make sure you set it at zero. [Sorry, this offer is no longer available.]

Remember, you can always message me using the Contact Me form or send me an email. Both Malane, who designs this website for me, and I really look forward to hearing from you, and I will always try to respond if I can.

Happy summer! Happy reading! Happy winter to my antipodean friends!