Meet the Author: April 2014

Michael with his grandparents on his first birthday

The author, like the website, turns one

It’s April 2014 and this website has been up and running for one whole year. Happy birthday to us! During this time we’ve had hundreds of visitors from all over the world—from Albany, New York, Fredericksburg, Virginia, Whittier, California and Crawley, Texas; from Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata in India; from Bordeaux and Saint-Denis in France, and Barcelona and Malaga in Spain; from Vancouver and Ontario in Canada, and Dublin and Cork in Ireland. And let’s not forget those of you from Italy, Sweden, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ghana and Japan who also visited.

I’ve had a very busy year. Through my books, this website and my blog I’ve published a staggering 180,000 words online. I’ve had some fantastic reviews on Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads, and LibraryThing—again from as far afield as Sardinia and Nepal—many of which left me quite choked up and more than a little misty eyed. I’ve also had a few stinkers too, but thankfully I can (quite literally) count those on one hand.

If you’re a regular visitor, you will have noticed a few changes to the site. You’ll find new book descriptions courtesy of Monica F—catya77—a member of the LibraryThing Early Reviewers Programme where she bid for and won an advance copy of The Scarab Heart. Monica, who is also a Goodreads librarian, always included a really catchy summary in her reviews—which Malane and I totally fell in love with—and luckily for us she said “yes” when we begged her to let us use them!

We also have a new set of book covers which all three of us adore. You’ll see the entire range (even for titles yet to be written) below. Many of my readers expressed concerns about the original covers, and we think these new ones match the books perfectly. What do you think? Do let us know. You can message me on the Contact Me form or send me an email; I will try to respond personally to each and every one.

Please note: if you already purchased the books at Smashwords, simply download them again and choose the latest version to get the new covers. There’s no extra charge for this. You bought the books, not the cover! I think the same holds true for Amazon, where I believe you get to download the updates from your Kindle’s library.

We haven’t forgotten a new article for this month. Life after Merit traces what we know about the very end of Ancient Egypt’s 18th dynasty—what became of little Tut, Ankhesen, and Ay.

Here’s to a very happy and productive next twelve months!

April’s Birthday offer

You may have noticed the price hike. Don’t despair! Use the codes below and all this month you can download them for free (yes, FREE) from It’s our birthday present to you for being one of our fabulous visitors. If you haven’t used Smashwords yet, it really is friendly, easy to join, and, like the books themselves, completely free.